Revista Intel Insight Magazine – Dezembro 2009

A Intel liberou a Edição Dezembro de 2009 de sua revista Intel Insight para download.

Diversos artigos interessantes estão lá descritos, em inglês, abaixo o resumo que recebi da Intel.

O link para download: Download

Developers prepare to cash in on the 40M netbook explosion: The right app can turn a humble developer into a mobile mogul. Learn how to create and sell your own netbook applications and components using the framework and tools available through the new Intel® Atom™ Developer Program.

Microsoft Windows* 7 has made the grade, and then some: Windows* 7 ratchets up productivity, security, and ROI as businesses rapidly adopt the new OS. See why now is the time to refresh business PCs with Windows 7 on the latest desktops and laptops based on Intel® Core™2 processors with vPro™ technology. Together, these technologies mean significant advances for enterprise and developers alike.

New multicore test environment aids developers: Ready for a simplified, easier way to test application scalability on multicore platforms? Take an easier path to parallelism through the Intel® Parallel Universe Portal. With Intel’s free cloud-based testing service, developers can check how their software performs on parallel system resources available on multicore systems.

Game-changer in the data center: The rules have changed for mission-critical computing with the introduction of a new, powerful server processor codenamed Nehalem-EX. Preview the heart of this intelligent and expandable high-end Intel server platform which delivers the greatest performance lead in Intel® Xeon® processor history. Learn how leading software developers plan to utilize the advanced building blocks of Nehalem-EX, and how it can advance your business.

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